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Related post: Date: Sat, 23 Jul 2005 15:08:04 -0500 From: Jake S Subject: top loli list Rafting with fitness model Rusty JoinerThis story is fiction and is not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the celebrity mentioned or any personal knowledge about his private life.It was forth of July weekend and I was with my wife, Claire, on a vacation in Colorado without the kids, just time for the two of us to spend time alone without having to worry about the little ones. Their grandparents can worry about them for the weekend. We had decided that Friday we would go rafting down the Arkansas River. We arrived after lunch lolit photo pay websites and got instructions free porn xxx loli and changed into rafting lolia pictures clothes (non-cotton clothing so that they would dry quickly and not just hold onto the 48 degree water that we would be rafting in). We then waited for a while loli young porn for our group to go. Our group ended up being about 30 people and we virgin lolis were divided into 5 boats. There was a family of 4 that looked very fragile and had never been rafting before; there were 2 small family groups, maybe 7 or 8 people each, then my wife and another couple. As soon as they divided us up and put us with the other couple, I actually saw who the other couple was and I couldn't believe it. In this loguestbook loli very normal, very non-descript rafting place, was Rusty Joiner and his female companion. He had a long sleeve shirt on and a post pic loli life jacket so his upper body was basically preteen free loli hidden. He had on a ball cap and sun glasses so his face was somewhat hidden too, but I knew it was him by looking at his incredibly shaped legs supported by a worn lolite preteen in pair of Tevas, but was it really him?We introduced ourselves and he said his name was Jason and his friends name was Ann. I couldn't believe it. He looked so much like Rusty. Oh well. So I introduced free loli photo my litle loli nudes wife and told them my name was Jason video lolite porno thai too. He instantly said tell you what, it's gonna get confusing having two Jasons out on the river, so just call me Rusty, that's the name I use for work anyway. As soon as the word Rusty came out of his mouth, the only 12yo loli erotic other thing I heard was blah, blah, blah. But I had to compose myself. My wife cannot find out that the one guy that could get me to do things I consider gay was standing 2 feet from animated loli hardcore us talking to us.Let me lolit porns say here that I nude lolis pictures try to stay in shape and I do subscribe to fitness magazines and always want to look like those guys. Rusty was THE guy I always forbidden loli pics wanted to look like and I guess somewhere lolitta bbs xxx that obsession turned to lust. So I acted cool, acted like I didn't know who he was, but I think he might have seen a sparkle in my eye and so began his torture of me for the next couple of hours. We had a 15-minute wait and we broke up into our rafting groups. Turned out Rusty was visiting Ann, friend that had a vacation home nearby and had grown up in the area, for the weekend loli boys pics and they had decided to come out rafting too that afternoon. My wife grew up in the area also and she and loli pic bbs Ann ended up hitting it off and were off chatting in nake teen lolits their own little world. That left Rusty all to me. And boy did he have fun with me. I guess he has guys hitting on him all the time and let me tell you that he non nude loli models takes it in stride. loli girls litle He's great looking, has preteen loli sex a great smile, and a teens loliat great persona to him that would instantly make anyone like him, and he knows how to use all of those things. It was getting hot in the afternoon sun not being in the water yet, so he took off his life jacket loli pics underground bbs and removed his shirt until it was time naked black lolipop girls for us lolit kids to yung porn lolit go. I don't think I've underage sex loli incest seen a better-looking chest and stomach in all my years at the gym. He was perfect and voodoo board loli hadn't shaved his chest pedo bbs loli or abs in underage loliboys a while so they had a light dusting of hairs that took that front page model look away and made him look like a top notch normal athlete guy. He was slightly taller than me but I couldn't help but compare my body to his. I thought I was in good shape for a 33 year old who worked out 3 times a week and nude loli porn ru ate well, but oh, how much better I could look.Well I figured I'd play along and not let him think he was getting the better of me so I took off my life jacket and long sleeve shirt also saying that he was right, it lolitta underage porn was getting naturist brazil loli photo hot. There were lots of guys without shirts including most of the guides at this point, so it wasn't out of the norm. He commented on me being nude pics loli preteen in pretty good shape and I told him I tried and that's when he told me he was a fitness guru. So I asked him how I gothic loli hentai could cut the last couple swimsuit bbs loli of lolicon child nude pounds off that were showing up around my love handles and stomach. He said it didn't look like I had much to lose as he reached over to squeeze my love handle and then slid his hand around to the front to see how tight my abs were. As he did so, his pinky and next finger slid under the waistband of my shorts a little. I was in complete shock and was hoping no one saw that - I wasn't even sure if I saw that right. Did he just do that or did I drift off and daydream bbs loli great that?Just then our guide called us and said it was time to go so russian incest lolitta suit freeporn lolits up. The ladies were already near the boat and lolit boys storys still had their jackets on so Rusty and I helped each other get ours on and tightened up. When Rusty checked the back of mine he pulled up on it to make sure that it would stay on if I fell in and I had to be pulled out of the water by it, and it did. But then nude young lolis he pulled it back down to a comfortable height by pulling the bottom back lolicon erotica down and I swear he let his hand linger a few seconds too long on my lolit mpe upper butt. He had my mind going crazy and I had to get focused so I wouldn't be discovered by my wife and so I wouldn't do something stupid on the river and fall out!Now we are in the boat, the ladies are sitting in the front of the raft on the edge, like you little lolitta pussy pics sit on angel loli nude rafts, and Rusty and I are in the middle of the boat behind our respective ladies, and the guide is in the very back. The guide was also a very good-looking young college guy who probably draws the eyes of guys and girls alike on these trips. But japanese underground loli today, he would be neglected by me; my attention was already split between Rusty and the river so I didn't have any to give to the guide. We had loli bbs little videos all been rafting before but we practiced paddling forward and back in rhythm with each other, we practiced going lolicon model opposite directions so that we spun around and we learned how to secure our legs into the boat so that we wouldn't go flying out as we went through the rapids. We had learned on shore how to get someone out of the water if they did fall in, but we didn't expect that portal loli young to happen.In between sets of rapids we'd have a few minutes to rest so I'd kick my legs out to the middle of the boat to un-knot them since they've been wedged very uncomfortably into the side of only loli bbs the boat to keep me in it through the rapids. Almost without fail, Rusty would put his legs out there too, always managing to touch my loli free preteen pass legs. Once he even stood up and leaned forward youn lolit sex to look over the front of the boat and steadied himself by putting his hand on my leg, just above my knee and when he began to come back to the yong loli middle, he let his hand drift up my leg toward my thigh. After he was seated again and after he was sure no one else could see his face, he got loli 006 my attention and gave me smirk and a wink. So here I was with my wife, on a river, with the beginnings of a hard on and it just kept getting harder and harder. Luckily, the guide said that this is an area where you can jump in the river if you wanted to but beware; it's in the upper 40's. Well it little loli girls nude was either get caught with a hard on or jump in. I jumped. Only then did I think about how to get back in the boat.Of course my tormentor Rusty came to my assistance and did exactly as we were instructed. Lean against the lolite models side of the raft, grab the nude lolits of picture upper part of my like jacket, count to 3 and on 3 dip me down in the water and when my life jacket started to bring me back up, just loli porn underage vombat hold on and fall back into the boat. If you did it right, the person in the river will be laying on top of you, and hot loli nymphs that's underage porn loli art just where I was, laying on top of Rusty with our eyes inches apart. But we quickly laughed it off and got up in position for the last set of rapids. We made it through them fine and got out of the river and onto the bus to get back to where we started. I felt like I hadn't seen my wife in hours and we cuddled on the bus during the drive back. Rusty and Ann sat loli cp torrents in front of us several rows and my wife mentioned that they had really gotten along and that we might have to meet them again sometime when we were all in Colorado again. That sounded good lolits sites to me but I didn't think Rusty would be visiting her much since he lived in LA and I'm sure had a busy schedule. We zoned out for a few minutes on the bus and my mind replayed some of the events of my day with the one loli pedo topsites guy who could turn preteen lolitta sex pics me gay for a few minutes!Well we got back illegal lolitta pics to the loli boy pics site and told Rusty bye and my wife and Ann started talking again about keeping in touch. I grabbed our stuff and told her I was going to change out of my clothes since I was still a bit wet. So I zeps loli bbs vombat got my bag out our car and then returned the borrowed gear and headed over to a big kds russian loli tent where you could change, no showers, no toilet, just ls galleries loli a little privacy and not much of that. But it was the last trip of the day so there weren't many people around. Even where you return the gear was empty so I had lolis under 18 just put my shirt in a loli pics legal big trash can and headed to the tent. I was inside going through my bag getting my dry clothes out when I heard the zipper opening. I didn't pay much preteen loli child tgp attention until a shirtless Rusty asked if I had fun. I told him yes I did and then I just kept talking.I told him please loli pre incest not to say anything to anyone about what lolitta incest I am going to tell you. And I probably shouldn't tell you anyway because I think my wife and Ann are new best friends so I bet we'll be seeing her some more in the future. But, I know who you really are. I know that you are a model, and honestly you are the 3d loli hentai game only one that could make me do things that straight guys don't do. I have saved many of your magazines and have desired to look like you. Somewhere along the way, I wanted you-not to just look like you, but you. porn tpg loli Last year, I saw the picture of child lolit models your bare butt at that bar and I could get hard for a month just thinking about that. So, I don't know what your game was today, playing with lolia pre teen bbs me, flirting with me, but it got me very hot, but also very nervous because tiny tgp thumbs loli my wife has no lolicon tgp mowie idea. I had to jump in back there because I was rock hard^ÅRusty 14yo loli porn galeries jumped in saying I know, I felt you when I pulled you in. I could explain everything I did, but we may not have much time here so is this what you want? As he said that he loosened lolicon galeries his shorts and dropped them to the floor. There was the dick of preteen loli i bbs a super famous model waiting for me. He was semi hard by this point and all I could do was stand there and look while my mind took 10 million pictures to store for future reference. Once again he said that this is wasn't really a secure place and walked closer to me, grabbed my hand and led it to his dick, so if you want to play or suck on asian loli gallery this, you better get to it.So I did. I examined my first nude chinese loli photo dick besides my own. It was, like the rest of his body, model worthy. He kept his pubes trimmed and his balls were smooth. After letting me play with him for a few seconds he stepped out of his pants all together, pushed me down to where I was sitting on the bench and then walked over and stuck himself into my mouth. I was now sucking my first cock and I guess I was doing porn passwords lolit it well boy loli young pedo because he stiffened up very quickly. I reached around to feel the porn lolitta 13 age butt that I had seen in a magazine. It was smooth and soft but firm under cute lolicon the skin. I dared to turn the table a bit and put me in charge for at least a minute of the day and found his asshole and slammed hot young lolit my finger in it. He jerked and moaned but let me keep it in there. I found his prostrate and began to massage it and almost instantaneously he lolicon angels download came in my mouth. I know that isn't safe, but my mouth didn't listen to my mind. After 4 distinct shots of cum, I pulled out of his ass and turned him around so I could see his butt in person. I touched it a little and kissed it once and then he turned back around, lifted me up, kissed me gently on the lips while switching forbidden illegal pedo loli positions with me and said now it's your turn.He sat down on the bench and began undoing my shorts but we heard a group of kids coming to the tent so we quickly separated and he pulled his shorts back on. He left as the kids were coming in and I don't think any of them recognized him. I still had a hard on so I had to change clothes with my back to the kids. I regained my composure and headed out to find my wife.When I got to the car, she was at the car still talking to Ann, who ended up being parked right beside us. They said their goodbyes and Rusty gave me a man's handshake and a "nice to meet you" all very normal so as to not tip off what had happened minutes before. As we were driving away my wife proceeded to tell me that Ann and Rusty were also in town through Monday and she asked what pedo lolicon free I thought about she and Ann going to Denver to go shopping one day and maybe, if I lolit secret didn't mind, hanging out with Rusty or taking him 4-wheeling or something. I told her that I was glad she made a new friend and I'm sure Rusty and I could find something to do if they wanted to swedish loli go shopping, he seemed like a nice enough guy.This is my first story and I'd love to hear some feedback at . Hope you enjoyed it.
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